The White Rose Moment

THE WHITE ROSE MOMENT is a novel about people making abrupt changes in the directions of their lives. Lisa Silver (previously introduced in THRESHOLD OF A DREAM, and starring in AMERICAN HOMELAND) returns in her role as an NSA operative. She recruits Sam, her recent adversary at the Aryan Nations, to help her deal with a little family problem in Bridgehampton. They barely get down to business before a cryptic postcard arrives from Ithaca; one of the Cornell campus cops wants Lisa to puzzle out the mysterious death of a senior military nuclear energy specialist in Fall Creek gorge. They visit the scene of Gamal Ibrahim’s supposed suicide, but the evidence seems flimsy. An interview with Gamal’s former Cornell roommate convinces Lisa that troubles are running amok through rural Upstate New York—the Ivy League educated old farmer seems sane enough, except for his obsession with the train cars dragged back and forth on the D&H line through his farm…what has he figured out about the trains that cost Gamal Ibrahim his life? You’d best hope this is only fiction.

22,000 words

Available here on Amazon. Kindle books can be read on almost any electronic device.


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